Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I am literally dreading the phone call I have to make today to my case worker to inquire on my case status regarding my medicaid application.  It's a long story, so here's the short version. I am currently unemployed, and in need of medical assistance for my children. As such until I get back to work I have no choice but to get health insurance through government assistance. Apparently among other things, children need health care to grow.  The thing about that is, it's kind of humiliating. I equate it to begging.  In fact, just the way my case worker answers her phone scares me. "May I help you?" Sounds professional enough, but it's really not.

There are many things I find humiliating. For example, letting out a fart you thought was silent, but turns out to be loud and obnoxious. Worse, it came out with you know what. Another is running to catch a bus and you collide with a perfect stranger, which leaves you confused and disoriented.  Finally, waving HI to someone whom you thought was waving at you only to receive the "stank eye" in return for your naivete .  Yet none of the ones I listed compares to going down to the Social Service office, and airing out all of my dirty laundry(as I like to call it)just to get some assistance.  And of course the questions they ask is so intrusive it feels like getting a PAP smear test, accept not by a doctor.  Also to enhanced your chances, don't even tell them you don't know where the Father lives because you will get the look (I imagine) a pimp gives his "ho" when he is about to slap her for letting a "john" go.   

I believe(and I stand corrected)that those people who are really called Civil Servants and not Social Workers, are not human. And if they were they lost their humanity long ago after being on the job for too long. Indeed they have become desensitized  and disconnected to basic human needs and as such I (you) become just a number to them. Certainly I am thinking if I find myself in the position of needing government assistance I am owed at the very least some human compassion. I feel.  After all, giving assistance to someone in need should be a charitable deed, not a personal burden.  Granted they are people who abuse the system, and believe me I understand the need to make this process as uncomfortable and painful as possible for those with the mind to abuse it, but I am one person and I deserve not to be treated unkindly because of a few. 

Rant. Done! 

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  1. I would try letting out a fart while in the Social Services office. Then wave @ your case worker.. that puts several humiliating things into one scenario...give me a minute and I will work the bus into it as well!